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Make your dining room a beautiful and functional place for dining and entertaining guests with classy and comfy dining tables. Dining room furniture table sets showcased here are made from high-quality materials such as wood, granite, marble, glass, stone, and metal.

Apart from the regular rectangle-shaped tables, you can also choose from oval, round, square, and triangle-shaped dining tables. Choose dining room furniture table sets that come with matching chairs, benches, and cabinets to give a complete look to your dining room. If you require extra seating at times, then go for dining tables with butterfly leaf extensions. Extra storage spaces can be obtained with lift top and drawer-type dining tables. Browse through our extensive selection of counter height tables and bring home the best!

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28x28 inch
29x29 inch
30x24 inch
30x30 inch
32x24 inch
32x32 inch
35x33 inch
36x32 inch
36x36 inch
37x37 inch
38x38 inch
39x39 inch
40x24 inch
40x26 inch
40x40 inch
42x30 inch
42x36 inch
42x42 inch
43x30 inch
43x43 inch
44x32 inch
44x44 inch
45x45 inch
47x30 inch
47x32 inch
47x47 inch
48x22 inch
48x24 inch
48x30 inch
48x34 inch
48x36 inch
48x40 inch
48x42 inch
48x46 inch
48x48 inch
49x31 inch
50x35 inch
50x36 inch
52x36 inch
52x52 inch
53x53 inch
54x27 inch
54x31 inch
54x36 inch
54x39 inch
54x40 inch
54x42 inch
54x54 inch
55x32 inch
55x35 inch
55x55 inch
56x32 inch
56x36 inch
56x40 inch
56x48 inch
56x56 inch
57x57 inch
58x40 inch
58x42 inch
59x34 inch
59x35 inch
59x36 inch
59x59 inch
60x30 inch
60x32 inch
60x36 inch
60x38 inch
60x40 inch
60x42 inch
60x44 inch
60x46 inch
60x48 inch
60x60 inch
61x35 inch
61x37 inch
61x49 inch
62x24 inch
62x62 inch
63x35 inch
63x36 inch
63x37 inch
64x38 inch
64x40 inch
64x42 inch
64x44 inch
64x48 inch
65x36 inch
65x43 inch
66x36 inch
66x38 inch
66x40 inch
66x42 inch
66x44 inch
66x48 inch
68x38 inch
69x35 inch
70x40 inch
70x42 inch
71x35 inch
71x36 inch
71x38 inch
71x39 inch
71x40 inch
71x43 inch
72x36 inch
72x38 inch
72x40 inch
72x42 inch
72x44 inch
72x46 inch
72x54 inch
72x72 inch
73x37 inch
73x44 inch
74x40 inch
75x37 inch
75x38 inch
76x36 inch
76x38 inch
76x40 inch
76x42 inch
76x44 inch
77x46 inch
78x36 inch
78x40 inch
78x42 inch
78x43 inch
78x44 inch
79x39 inch
79x40 inch
79x44 inch
79x47 inch
80x40 inch
82x42 inch
82x44 inch
84x40 inch
84x42 inch
84x48 inch
86x44 inch
86x48 inch
87x39 inch
90x40 inch
90x42 inch
91x43 inch
92x44 inch
94x42 inch
96x42 inch
96x44 inch
96x46 inch
96x48 inch
102x39 inch
102x40 inch
106x44 inch
108x40 inch
108x42 inch
108x44 inch
114x43 inch
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