The Life of Furniture

The Life of Furniture!

A piece of wood goes through a lot before it is fit to be called a furniture and invited into your living room or any part of the house for that matter. A wood piece goes through a lot of ‘modelling’ to become, for instance, a dining set. Here is a brief travelogue of its journey.
Dining Room Set

The first step in furniture making would be ‘hewing’ the log. This lends a flatter form to the wood. The wood has to be maintained in temperature controlled environments, because too much humidity can ‘spoil’ the wood. So moisture content is reduced to an optimal level (you wouldn’t want the wood to become too dry either).

A piece of wood cannot be turned into a utility furniture unless it is cut into boards of desired dimensions. These pieces of wood are then glued back together to get bigger, thicker boards. These boards then go through the sanding process and are then sculpted into required shapes.

And the final step is ‘assembly’, where various parts of the furniture are glued together to get the finished product. With this done, finally, a coat of varnish for a glossy finish and voila! Your dining set is ready!

Now go grab that dining set before someone else does. And this particular dining set has a name – the Liberty Furniture Cottage Cove Dining Set. This is a 7-piece dining set comes with maple and ivory finish for that elegant look.

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