Decorative Pendant Lights for a Lustrous Glowing Ambiance!

When you’re looking for ideas to accentuate your home décor, the best starting point is to add some modern decorative lights. Every room needs a different type of lighting – a kitchen or study may need task lighting while a living room or hallway will need ambient lighting.  Whatever the need is, a pendant ceiling light is a perfect solution in any room.

Pendant lights are available in unique designs and are best alternatives for grand chandeliers. Putting up chandeliers in small room may not work, but pendant lights do! They’re great in even a small foyer, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room.  You can hang a mini pendant light with a fabric shade over the kitchen island for a soft glow.  If you need some light above your work desk, a pendant light with glass shades is a safe bet.
Decorative Pendant Lights
Apart from illuminating the room, pendant lights boost up the interior aesthetics to add a dramatic touch. Pendant lights with multiple strands of jewel droplet lights, glowing orbs or crystal beads create beautiful sparkles of light to enhance your existing decor. You can also opt for ceiling pendant light with floral lamp shades, spiky spheres or colorful acrylic painted shades for a modern look.

Many homes have paintings or sculptures in hallway or living room to create a point of visual interest. But that artistic appeal will not be complete without proper lighting. 1-light mini pendants either single or in multiples will be the perfect accent to these artworks.

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